Motorcycle horn from SEGER

As the biggest horn manufacturer in Turkey, Seger has launched motorcycle horn. Users will be able to use custom design motorcycle horns with SEGER 25M electromagnetic mini disc type horn produced specifically for motorcycles.
Seger Horns which produces horns in Bursa and exports to more than 70 countries, made a major breakthrough for motorcycle users. Seger added a custom designed compact electromagnetic mini disc type motorcycle horn to its product range.
Seger 25M is in compliance with humidity and heat resistance as it has passed all tests with success and is produced in global standards. It was designed with compact features for motorcycles with a minimum 105 decibel sound level.
Seger 25M motorcycle horn has a voltage of 12V, a current of 1,5 ampere and a frequency of 480 Hz. This is the reason it can achieve 105 decibel sound level with less current and smaller size. Although compatible with any motorcycle model, it is especially recommended for scooters and mobylettes.
Selim Baykal who is a member of Board of Seger Horns stated that they launched 25M motorcycle horn in Turkey domestic market and they have plans to export this item very soon while they manufacture horn models in accordance with the cultures and requirements of other countries and they continuously develop new products. In a statement he also mentioned; “ We export horns to approximately 70 countries. We deeply value R&D. We are constantly researching and developing new products that are environment friendly, in best quality and in compliance with different cultures. There is a significant increase in motorcycle usage as well as vehicle usage nowadays. Based on our researches, we observed that the biggest problem that users face is the lack of quality horn compatible with motorcycle structure. That led us to develop 25M horn. This item was designed in accordance with all motorcycle models while passing all the tests in success. For now, this product is available in Turkey domestic market. In the near future, it will take its place along with our other export products.
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