New Turkish horn Mega Snail horn has been launched to the global markets


The new mega snail horn launched by Seger horns was met with praise in global markets. Turkish Mega Snail Horn which took 6 Turkish engineers 1 year to develop and has a title of “ the loudest ever snail horn “ within the range of 105-118 decibel, is being exported to 11 countries including U.S.A. and U.K.


With its biggest advantage of eliminating compressor mounting in vehicles due to its sound level, Mega Snail horn is totally the product designed by Turkish engineers. In spite of being introduced only in 3 exhibitions, it was met with great enthusiasm according to the Sales & Marketing Manager Cuneyt Coskun.

He said : Mega snail is a new product. It was developed last year with an extensive study conducted by 6 engineers. It has a unique feature of being the loudest snail horn within the range of 105 – 118 decibel. It has passed through 20 different tests. It has been tested under different conditions for endurance and sound force.  It provides convenience for automotive manufacturers and horn repairmen as it has passed all tests easily. They used to mount air horns and air tanks in the vehicles to achieve the same sound level which creates extra cost. Our new Mega Snail Horn has totally eliminated this problem. Mega Snail Horn provides the same level of sound and effect when mounted on the vehicle.


He also added :

65G horn a.k.a. “Mega Snail” achieves the highest sound level amongst the electric snail horns that have the similar dimensions. In fact, it is possible to achieve the same sound level as some compressor horns in the market if one set(2 pcs) of Mega Snail horn is mounted on the vehicle. This gives two major advantages to the vehicle owners. They can have a cheaper horn with a high sound level and they can save time by eliminating compressor mounting. In addition to having high sound level, our Mega Snail Horn is favoured by its sound tone. The users can instantly detect the difference in terms of both sound force and sound tone. As a conclusion, Mega Snail Horn is preferred by its high sound level and unique sound tone as well as its practical and economic features.


Initial orders have been shipped to U.S.A and 10 countries. We’ve introduced Mega Snail Horn in Istanbul Automechanika Fair held in April as well as Automechanika Fairs in China and U.S.A. We’ve received orders from countries such as Dubai, Iran, Israel, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Chile, Syria, U.K. and U.S.A. and we’ve exported our new horn to these countries as well. We shall be attending the fairs in China and Russia until the end of the year. 



Seger Horns which started horn production 34 years ago, is one of the major companies in the world with its air and electric horn production. Seger Horns is amongst the 7 major horn manufacturers in the world while having the third place in Europe and first place in Turkey. Seger Horns is manufacturing and selling horns to 70 countries in the world. Seger exports 70% of the manufactured horns.

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