Engineering and R&D

SEGER R&D Department is formed under Engineering Department and composed of expert individuals in product and process design field in order to continuously improve products and production process and meet customer expectations with new designs.

R&D studies;

  • Implementation of new product designs;

Seger R&D department leads the new product design studies with the quality team composed of participants from different departments. New design studies are supported with design methods such as DOE, QFD, design FMEA and benchmark at every stage. A prototype workshop where prototype products needed during new product designs are manufactured is at the disposal of R&D department. A 3D accelerated prototyping machine is also available that can produce prototypes of plastic components. The manufactured prototype products are tested by using the performance tests that are designed by R&D available in Quality department to meet the most challenging customer engineering requirements. Each stage of a scheduled design plan is reviewed on a regular basis by the quality team that adopts concepts from various disciplines, before moving on to the next stage upon achieving necessary results on every stage. The design is approved by quality department and submitted for mass production purpose based on the proper results achieved following the completion of design studies. The relevant design is monitored meticulously by the quality team with the help of internal data as well as customer feedback during the entire mass production process and improved constantly with corrective and preventive activities.


  • Implementation of new process design;

Following the approval of new product design, the process design studies required for the products to be produced with the best quality in the most productive way, commence. New process design studies are also conducted under the leadership of R&D department along with Quality department by using the same method applied in the new product design. Horn assembly lines, work stations, assembly and control fixtures, plastic and metal moulds available in both Turkey and China factories have been designed, produced and implemented by the experienced and expert employees of SEGER. High technology automation systems are used while Poka-Yoke (mistake proofing) studies are always considered in the new process designs.


  • Development of serial product and process;

Developments on the current products and processes in accordance with high technology and customer demands, are constantly applied with continuous improvement philosophy in mind. The problems occurred in assembly lines during different shifts are analyzed by the quality team with daily meetings set every day. The R&D team of SEGER co-operates with all departments to reduce the problems and scraps to the most minimal point possible. Additionally, feedback coming from the customers sheds light to the development of products and processes and guides R&D department in new product and process designs.


Why R&D ;

| To adapt the instantly changing and developing market conditions, to stay one step ahead of the competitors in the global competition that gets tougher each day.  

| To produce cheaper and more resilient products in the best quality.

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