25M electric horn has a compact shape designed specifically for motorcycles. Compatible with any motorcycle model, it is especially applicable for scooter type motorcycles.

It is in compliance with the European electromagnetic horn related ECE R-28 and EEC70/388 regulations and norms based on its environment friendly decibel adjustments, quality and technical specifications. As the registration of this compatibility, it has “E1” and “e1” markings granted by KBA-TÜV Germany only for SEGER brand to be applied on each horn model respectively.

Only available in 2 terminals and with standard bracket mounted.

Packaging; Sold in single piece carton packing.

Product Type Product Description Sound Type Voltage Frequency Ampere
Sound Level
25MI12.100.02K MOTORCYCLE HORN HIGH 12V 480 Hz ± 20 1,5A 105-118dB(A) 39x 72 MP3
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