65h horn has the strongest sound level amongst the snail horns with the similar dimensions. It has a compact design in terms of weight and dimensions.
It is in compliance with the European electromagnetic horn related ECE R-28 and EEC70/388 regulations and norms based on its environment friendly decibel adjustments, quality and technical specifications. As the registration of this compatibility, it has “E1” and “e1” markings granted by KBA-TÜV Germany only for SEGER brand to be applied on each horn model respectively.
Depending on the customer demands, it is sold with double terminal, with different connector options, as piece or set including the brackets.
Packaging; Special Seger carton boxes are used based on each horn type.
Product Type Product Description Sound Type Voltage Frequency Ampere
Sound Level
65HI12.100.02K MEGA DA-DAT HORN HIGH 12V 500 Hz ± 20 6A 105-118dB(A) 89X82 MP3
65HK12.100.02K MEGA DA-DAT HORN LOW 12V 420 Hz ± 20 6A 105-118dB(A) 89X82 MP3
65HO12.100.02K MEGA DA-DAT HORN SET HIGH&LOW 12V 500 Hz ± 20
420 Hz ± 20
6A+6A 105-118dB(A) 89X82 MP3
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